Seagulls club World Cup competition draw

The Bray Wanderers Seagulls Members Club World Cup 2018 competition is based on goals scored by each country in their matches at the World Cup 2018. The team that ends up with the most goals in the competition will be deemed the winner with each winning player receiving €160. If more than one winning team prize shared between each winning player.
For the competition team’s bonus goals are;
+5 Goals: Panama, Japan, South Korea & Saudi Arabia
+4 Goals; Iran, Australia, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria
+3 goals; Serbia, Russia, Senegal.
+2 Goals; Iceland, Sweden, Costa Rica
+1 Goals; Poland, Peru, Denmark, England, Tunisa, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguary & Croatia.
0 Goals: Germany, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Switzerland, France

Teams and players drawn were:
Uruguay (Catriona O’Connor & Declan Crinion), Egypt (Leonard Stafford), Russia (Harry Pender & Simon O’Neill), Saudi Arabia (Robert Pierce), Portugal (James Lennox), Spain (Kevin Deering & Scott Howard), Iran (Stephen McDonnell & Declan Crinion), Morocco (Martin O’Connor), France (Margaret Lennox & Ronan Holland), Peru (Mark Lee), Denmark (Samantha Brophy & Ross McGovern), Australia (Andrew Duffy), Argentina (Matthew Duffy), Croatia (Carol Keane & Theresa Crinion), Iceland (B. McKenna, Nigeria (Nicky Dickerson & Luke Crinion), Brazil (Lar Dunne), Switzerland (Jim Driscoll) & Olive Pierce), Costa Rica (Charlie Kavanagh), Serbia (Deirdre Lawless & Liam Duffy), Germany (Lenny Lennox & Ian Duffy), Mexico (S. McKenna) & Eric Crinion, Sweden (Conor Caulfield & Keith Ryan), South Korea (Seamus Buckley & Paddy Gormley), Belgium (John Keating & Robert Hubbart), England (Jim Lawless & Charles Crinion), Tunisia (John Kavanagh & Eddie Cox), Panama (Naoise Kennedy), Poland (Michael Caulfield & Alision Howard), Colombia (Malcolm Smith & Michael Duffy), Senegal (Billy Duffin & Tom Knox), Japan (Ruben Collins & Stephen McGuire).